Travel and Soul Lessons - Mind Mastery Video Podcast Preview for Episode #71

Dov talks about travel and what's ahead in our next show.

With more than twenty years in the industry Baron Mastery Institute

has a proven track record as a world leader in advanced personal

excellence education.

We provide you with the most practical cutting edge tools that allow

you to breakthrough your fears, overcome your limiting beliefs, and

harness your ultimate power, completely aligning you with who you

want to be.

All of our programs combine innovative action-based learning with

total immersion, giving you profound results quickly while providing

positive lasting change.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, develop deeper and

more loving relationships, energize your health, master your

emotions, or achieve financial freedom, our seminars, workshops, and

University programs will revolutionize every area of your life


Length: 20:35

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